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From the Desk of Tileless
Founder of Zigurat City

The Zigurat City idea came to life thanks to a bunch of strongly talented Visual Artists sharing the same vision about the journey ahead in Earth2.

The core members of Zigurat City are VR Developers, 3D modelers, Visual artists, Programmers and any skillset you can imagine to make ZIGURAT the most SPECTACULAR CITY ever seen in E2.

We welcome every one to this magnificent Metropoli and we hope to make it BRIGHTER every day with all people involved!

"One of the Best Structured Megacities in Earth2"

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What Are The Most Valuable Places in The City?

The Guide for the Most Exciting Landmarks and Districts Is Right Below  

Zigurat City Center

Everything started in Dakhla (Western Sahara) on january 2021.

The Zigurat City Center was conceived as the neuralgic district of the city where we are projecting a spectacular urban area with a large group of beautiful skyscrapers, gardens, social areas and iconic buildings. 

Here you will find many important Earth2 players, city embassies, businesses,  guild consulates, a premium transport hub and many other facilities for social interaction and community building.

The City Center is fully packed now. The only possible way to get a good spot in the center is the E2 marketplace where the prices are well over market price due to the huge growth of the City. 

Why to join the Zigurat City Center:

"Just one tile within Zigurat City Urban Network will grant you a whole world of Possibilities."

  • The Zigurat City Center is the most important area of the city.. Having land claimed here means V.I.P. status in E2… and prices here are skyrocketing!
  • Well organized area, with geometrical streets and sophisticated infrastructure it is just amazing opportunity.
  • We are already working hard to turn the city into a virtual reality. Zigurat is looking forward to welcome its Zitizens and take their breath away in phase 3…

AVAILABILITY: No New Land tiles available, check the marketplace.

Zigurat Zero

Zigurat Zero will be an AMAZING TOWER filled with Conference Rooms, Exposition Venues, Commercial Stores and all kind of interesting cultural events. 

With a social focus in mind, Zigurat PLAZA will be on its base surrounded by beautiful green areas and a multipurpose hall.

All of these placed in a high foot traffic area in the center of Zigurat City!

Stadium District

"With our Town Stadium at heart this district will be the place for  entertainment activities with bigger surface needs"

The Stadium District is the closest to the Zigurat City Center. Here you will find our Town Stadium and other bigger properties such as the shopping mall, Festival Esplanade, Skate Park, Paintball...

Our Town Stadium, home of the "Zigurat Zitizens Team"  will host all kind of sport events such as soccer or rugby but will also be used for music concerts and other massive events. 

Located in the south of the city and connected by the South & Laser Lighthouse Roads, the Stadium district will be our leisure epicenter.


AVAILABILITY: No New Land tiles available, check the marketplace.

Financial Avenue

This is the area focused on Economic Activity. The Zigurat Bank and many other financial based companies will have their flagship buildings here.

Crypto Currencies, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts.... anything written in the BlockChain will have its place in the Financial Avenue.

Along with the financial buildings will be many exclusive commercial stores at street level. 

Resources District

"If You want a good Resources Strategy, you need a Doctor Miner from Resouces District "

Resources district inhabitants are specialyzed in MINES, BIOMES, CROPS.... we call them MINERS...

The Miners seek, spawn & transport raw resources to RESOURCES DISTRICT to help provide Zigurat City. The Main Mission is to create a collaborative network of Resources Distribution & Trade.


AVAILABILITY: Central spots are fully packed, you can find a few last tiles on the south of district. 

Malibu Cliff Yacht Club

"#1 Luxury Spot in Zigurat, right next to Olympic Stadium and F1 Racing Track"

Why to join This Project:

  • This is the place for meetings with successful people in a luxury and leisure style.
  • There will be a lot of VR minigames on beach, like Minigolf, Billiards, Table Tennis and others... 

  • Join the premium, club members & Zigurat land owners only accessible area... inspired by Monaco Yacht Clubs
  • Enjoy the Seaside Promenade leading directly from the Yacht Club to the Olympic Stadium Beach.

AVAILABILITY: You can join the Yacht club right now ...

The Four Towers

"The Biggest Place for Real-World Brands near Malibu Cliff Yacht Club and Olympic Stadium"

Why To Join This Project :

  • Each of the Four Towers will be customized for a big real-world brand that will want to be present in Earth2 Zigurat.
  • It will be one of the biggest projects in Zigurat that will be ready to rent by real-world brands. 
  • What would it be like to be a neighbor of the Tesla Skyscraper, the Apple Tower or the Virgin Cosmic Center?

AVIABILITY: The center around the towers is almost full...

Olympic Stadium

"Stadiums will be prime spots for VR games in Phase 3. Olympic Stadium in Zigurat will be MASSIVE"

The Olympic STADIUM is the biggest Stadium ever created in earth2 and will be used for many purposes. We have designed the stadium with a modular concept in mind.

The Olympic Stadium has been originally created with Olympic Stadium dimensions but it will be hosting other events wich are already under development by us and some of our partners.

Why to join Olympic Stadium:

  • It is the Biggest Stadium ever created in Earth2.

  • Very likely player to player and team to team VR sports will be a huge part of the game in later phases of earth2.

  • Zigurat Olympic Stadium will be one of the most important sport arenas.

  • Home of the "Zigurat Zitizens" Team.

AVAILABILITY: filling up quickly, grab your tiles now!

SunX Tower Zigurat

"Premium Business Area with Earth2 Tallest Tower Inspired by Dubai Creek!"

Why To Join This Project :

  • Sun X Tower was developed the night Dubai went "LIVE"... with clear vision to create Premium Business and eCommerce district inspired by Dubai Creek…
  • On the public ground floor will be a teleportation area with premium EPL name, surrounded by an beautiful outdoor park convention and eCommerce center with luxury VR shops and other exclusive facilities.
  • AT THE TOP of SunX Tower will be private VR offices and conference rooms. Entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world will have their meetings here …with a five-star comfort and best view of the Zigurat City.

AVAILABILITY: A few last tiles available in the center of the tower!

Overwater Bungalows

"On Sunny Beach Right Bellow SunX Tower
you can find a Paradise on Earth2"

Why to join This Project:

  • The most luxurious rest area near SunX Tower!

  • Have you ever wished to stay in a bungalow above the water? This is place where dreams come true!

  • You will have a lot of fun on Sunny Beach penisula. You can even ride a JetSki, if you want!

AVAILABILITY: There are still few spaces for your bungallow!
Please respect the design of the project.

Formula 1 Circuit

"One of the best Race Tracks on Earth2!"

Why To Join This Project :

  • When we were little boys, we felt in love with Formula 1... we loved monoposts, circuits, pilots... And now it's time to take part in building our own circuit!
  • Formula 1 Circuit in Zigurat will be a prime sport for car racing in E2. There will be competitions between megacities.
  • We are part of the Earth2 Racing Series along with the most important megacities. 
  • We believe that even well-known brands from the real world will want to race here. What about Ferrari? We would definitely love it!

AVAILABILITY: A few of really great tiles still aviable ...

These tiles was SOLD recently for insane prices:

🇲🇨 Monaco Tile sold for $3600 🇻🇦 Vatican Tile sold for $300
🇨🇭 Zürich Tile sold for $250 🇫🇷  Paris Tile sold for $200
🇪🇸 Valencia Tile sold for $200 🇸🇬 Singapore Tile sold for $150
🇦🇺 Sydney Tile sold for $150 🇺🇸 New York Tile sold for $125
🇺🇸 Atlanta Tile sold for $125 🇲🇦 Mauritania Tile sold for $100

And many more...

The Earth2 Expo

"The Most Expensive 1-TILE PROJECT in Earth2! TheRealJoker Bought $3600 Tile On This Project..."

The Origin of Most Expensive Neibourghood in Earth2

Earth2 Expo start like any other 1-tile project. Then TheRealJoker bought there $3600 Monaco Tile – the most expensive single tile in whole Earth2. The most expensive neighborhood was born right here in Zigurat City... and the rest is history!

The Future of the Project:

  • Earth2 Expo is 1-TILE EXHIBITION AND SHOPPING AREA! Each Tile respresent one city or country. It is like "Small Earth2 in Earth2". Every Zitizen should buy a 1 tile on the World Map and put there his VR exhibition stand/shop in phase 3.
  • You should buy some good spots next to EARTH2 EXPO area right now!!! Earth2 Expo is place that have a lot of attention in the future, because the most expensive tile in the Earth2 is located here!

AVAILABILITY: Prices range from $25 to $1,000 per tile based by location. Just BID and secure the best place for yourself!

Art District

"From Digital Light installations to NFT Galleries, the Zigurat ART DISTRICT will be the reference for digital artists to sell and trade their assets"

"La place de la Recherche" will be the neuralgic center of the ART DISTRICT. Inspired by the Montmartre "Quartier des arts", La Recherche will be surrounded by Museums, Galleries and French Style Cafes.

Discover our 2 Main Museums and the Fair and Exhibitions Art Center with 10 different sized Pavilions that will host any kind of artistic and cultural events.

Right in-between the "4 TOWERS" and the "SUN X TOWER" the ART District wil benefit from a massive foot traffic making this area very interesting.


AVAILABILITY: Many Prime locations still available. 

TheRealJoker in Zigurat

"One of The Most Advanced Pixel Art on Earth2..."

Why to Join This Project:

  • Cause it's really really awesome pixel art! Show me something better than this piece of art!
  • It is all owned by Zigurat team so something really cool will be created here in phase 3...

AVAILABILITY: Places around Joker Pixel Art are still available!

"Zigurat is not about tiles, it's about people..."

Watch The Best Interview With Tileless, Founder of Zigurat City

Well Organized City

We have taken our city design seriously from the beginning. Roads, transport hub, ports, public squares and everything needed for our Zitizens to enjoy Zigurat as much as possible.

United African Alliance

 We are a member from the United African Alliance. We believe this game will be about connections and we are part of the most important alliance with close relations with the most important cities to date.

Earth2happener Partner

We are proud to be an early partner of Earth2happener Developments. From early on we believed in E2H concept and built a strong relation with them. We are one of the first cities to be added to E2H portfolio.

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